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Party Favors Packages


Price: $75.00 (Total 62 Items)
12 Maracas
2 Sombreros
36 Leis
YMCA Hat Package


Price: $75.00 (Total 52 Items)
6 Inflatable Guitars
6 Inflatable Saxophones
6 5.5” Tambourines
1 Inflatable Drum
3 Inflatable Keyboards
6 Inflatable Microphones
24 Leis


Price: $125.00 (Total 162 Items)
24 Maracas
6 Sombreros
72 Leis
48 Punk Sunglasses
6 Streamer Wands
3 Inflatable Guitars
3 Inflatable Saxophones


Price: $100.00 (Total 86 Items)
12 Maracas
2 Sombreros
6 Inflatable Guitars
6 Inflatable Saxophones 48 Leis
12 Blues Brothers Sunglasses


Price: $60.00 (Total 27 Hats) 3 Indian Headdresses
4 Cowboy Hats
6 Construction Hats
6 Fire Hats
4 Sailor Hats
4 Police Helmets


Price: $150.00 (Total 198 Items)
12 Maracas
12 Streamer Wands
12 Inflatable Guitars
12 6” Foam Hands
6 Sombreros
12 Inflatable Saxophones
12 Chicken Masks
24 Blues Brothers Sunglasses
108 Leis

Party Props are additions used to enhance your party by engaging your guests to participate and have fun. We use novelty items related to the song(s) the DJ plays! This is a new and interactive form of DJ service, and Sound Connections, Inc., is proud to implement many fun activities to make your party a memorable event.

For example: When your DJ plays “Hot, Hot, Hot” leis and maracas can be distributed; when the “Chicken Dance” is played, chicken masks are given out; when “YMCA” is played, hardhats, police helmets, Indian headdresses and cowboy hats are passed out; and when he plays “Old Time Rock & Roll,” black sunglasses and inflatable guitars are then given out!!

With your additional purchase, most Party Favors are for your guests to keep!

Party Props are Tons of Fun! Please book early to assure quantities available!

We can order Party Favors and Games of your choice for you, and bring them to your party to save you time and effort!!

In addition to Party Props, we offer New-Streamers-Confetti-Launchers.

NOTICE: Any level of DJ from Sound Connections can offer Party Props, but it’s suggested that Party Props be distributed by All-Star or Ultimate DJs.


Sound Connections Inc., has a wide variety of fun games to engage your guests. We love them all, but the Wango-Tango is one of our favorites...
Wango-Tango consists of a rod, curved at both ends, with a ball attached to a string hanging below. Two players place this durable rod at their waists, apply pressure to keep the rod in place and try to get the ball to circle the rod.
They must work together with precision and speed to score...but they can never use their hands!
Wango-Tango is fun and challenging to play; exciting and entertaining to watch; and great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Picnics or any social gathering.

We Have Tons of Fun Games!

Twist Contest
Coke ‘n Pepsi
Music Trivia
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trivia
Word Association Game
Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt
The Big Bloomer Race
Biggest Bubble Gum Contest
Wango Tango
Guitar Riffs
Marshmallow Kraft Game
Sticky Head Game

Stuff Balloons Game
The Big Shoe Relay
Snowball Dance
Bubble Wrap Pop
Hula-Hoop Contest
Game Twenty-One
Bounce a Ball
Sailors and Ships
Rave Dance Contest
Rave Dance Contest
Jelly Bean Game

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